• Plein Air Process


    You might notice that my Plein Air works look a little different than my others. They are looser, more raw, and might even have a bit of grass stuck in them here and there. This is because they are “Plein Air” paintings - done onsite, (in the open air). Plein Air painting is integral to my creative practice. The way I think about it, Plein Air painting is about looking, and studio work is about painting. These different challenges give rise to quite different results. I love the freshness and immediacy of the Plein Air experience, as well as the paintings they yield. But I love coming back to the studio and digesting what I saw outside as I focus on composition and brushstroke. While painting “en Plein Air”, one is challenged to work quickly to capture the fleeting light of the sun, but in the studio, one can slow down. One method produces spontaneous, fresh work, and the other yields intentional, polished work. I love that each method feeds my creative impulse, and brings out a different look.Read more about my Plein Air process on my blog. 

    Plein Air painting in the Pahsimeroi Range

    Plein Air painting in the Boise Foothills


    Plein Air painting on Railroad Ridge

    Plein Air painting on Railroad Ridge



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